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Sport Photographer, specializing in Action, Extreme Sports, active Outdoor Lifestyle, Travel & Event Photography. Based near Frankfurt, Germany.

Professional Photographer, seasoned in Sports, Travel and Lifestyle Photography

Thorsten Indra is an expert sports photographer skilled in photographing adventure and outdoor sports, travel and lifestyle. He is comfortable both in the water and the mountains, or wherever his clients need him; extreme situations are not foreign to him.

Water Sport Photography, Ocean Sports

A premier water photographer, he likes shooting surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding / kitesurfing photography and other oceansports  in the waves. His dynamic photos have appeared in numerous catalog productions and advertisements of leading sporting goods manufacturers as well as many international magazines.
Combining this expertise with his background in sailing also allows him to take captivating, bold images at major yacht sailing events.

Outdoor Sports & Lifestyle Photographer – “Capturing the Essence”

He also feels right at home doing mountain bike photos, snowboard photos, outdoor lifestyle photography – and action-packed images that tell a story, capture the sport & athlete in unique moments, or feature a product in authentic settings are the result.

Experienced internationally, working worldwide

Well experienced in working internationally and published worldwide, Thorsten Indra as a freelancer frequently combines sports photography and travel photography. His assignments have taken him to various parts of the world on 6 continents.

From whalebone to spandex: women and sports journalism in American magazines, photography and broadcasting.

This paper examines the relationship between women’s sports and sports journalism. It studies magazine journalism, photo-journalism, and sports broadcasting and the relationship to women’s sports and to fashion and beauty standards, in their historical context, to examine their relationship to women’s sports and to fashion and beauty standards. Particular attention is paid to the evolution of one magazine, which started off as ‘womenSports’ in 1974 but is now known as ‘Women’s Sport and Fitness’, emphasizing the changing editorial slant of the publication. The paper concludes that this experience is typical of the relationship between women’s sports and sports journalism in general, because advertisers ultimately won control over the editorial policy of the magazine. The economic pressures that have forced this ideological shift are also transforming the composition of women’s sports. Finally, women who are writing about women writers face many of the same challenges and criticisms that are levelled at male sportswriters. This is because sports journalism is still tied to a value system that is inherited from the nineteenth century, a system which is still tied to images of masculinity in sports.

Filip Cederholm Goes from Advertising to Charity

What do you do when you’re stuck in a rut and feel that your work no longer represents you or what you stand for? Photographer Filip Cederholm experienced that recently. So he decided not only to do something different, but also to use his creativity to make a difference. 

Before changing his path, Filip Cederholm from Sweden had a successful career as a commercial photographer with many big international and Swedish brands on his list of clients. But after spending years zooming in on people’s faces to remove pimples and wrinkles, he started questioning what he was doing. He asked himself: could I do something else? Could I use my creativity differently to make a difference?


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How to Shoot a Moving Subject

Being an experienced sports photographer Mark Dadswell has captured fast moving champions, such as Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps and Sally Perason, in action before. photo in sportsHowever, when he started thinking about doing a shooting with Australian cyclist Alex Morgan he wanted to recreate the feeling of movement, but also capture the natural beauty of the south-eastern coast roads of Australia. And doing it all under studio lighting. That’s how the idea of making a lighting rig on the back of a car came about.

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Best Digital Cameras for Shooting Sports

Sports photography requires a different set of camera capabilities than the average shooter. Sports cameras need to be fast. Sports cameras need a good zoom. And sports cameras need to perform great in any light. Whether you are looking to capture a t-ball game or headed to the professional level, you need a camera as fast as the action you’re shooting. Here are our current recommendations, all within a few different price points.

sports photography

Does your kid play basketball and you can’t seem to get a single shot in focus? Is the pool area at your daughter’s swim meet simply too dark and flash doesn’t seem to work? Or perhaps your son plays soccer and spends most of his time at the far end of the field, making your point and shoot useless? These are all constant issues of the casual sports photographer—and there are a few fixes that don’t break the bank. Purchasing expensive and enormous professional gear will certainly get you a better start than a little point-and-shoot, but knowing what settings are best can make dramatic improvements as well. Here’s what you need to know about shooting sports from start to finish, from making a camera purchase to sorting through hundreds of shots after the game, to demystify the exciting world of sports photography.

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Sports photography tips and hints

Sports have universal appeal, and are a natural subject for photography at all levels. A child’s baseball game and a big league match-up share many of the same characteristics that photographers seek in order to make great images – drama, involvement, excitement, suspense, action and interest.

The professional sports photographer has numerous advantages over the average picture-taker, not the least of which is equipment selection. Most photographers who make their living from shooting sports use expensive, top-of-the-line 35 mm SLR cameras equipped with fast, super-long telephoto lenses that bring them close to the action. They are generally able to shoot from field level, ringside or wherever the best camera angles can be found. They are practiced in their techniques, experienced with their equipment and have in-depth knowledge of the sport and its players.

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10 Tips for Better Sports Photography

Ever since picking up a camera at the age of 16, sports photography has been one of the top subject matters for professional British sports photographer, Jordan Weeks.

Jordan has worked in various areas of sports photography over the years, from swimming to running, cycling to surfing, and triathlon to hiking. He has produced photography for many top brand names, and is a regular contributor to various Magazines, and Travel Guides.


Like many photographic subjects, sports photography is no different, in that to be good at it, you must know your subject matter like the back of your hand. Experience is your weapon of choice here.

However, to help you get started, Jordan Weeks has put together what are, in his opinion, the top 10 tips for taking better sports photographs. So get your camera gear ready, and start shooting like a pro sports photographer today…

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